Cobalt 47


Version: Kontakt 5.8.1 / NCW / V1

FM/AWM Synth Module.

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Cobalt 47 is a Kontakt 5 Library inspired by sounds created on Yamaha TG77 AWM/AFM Synthesizer Module.

The majority of the sampled sounds are synth pads, strings, FM basses and plucks/guitars.

A decent amount of modification controls are provided, in the likes of filters, LFO’s, envelopes,

transpose buttons and pan/detune knobs.

There is an effect section of the most common fx,

as well as convolution reverb (sampled by Yamaha FX Processor)

to give an extra depth and “vintage” character to the sound.

The multisampled sounds have been recorded at 44.1KHz 24-bit resolution

and post editing/looping process is done carefully on each sample individually.

In Conclusion, It is a compact sound library with straightforward GUI interface

that can provide atmospheric or expressive FM/PCM pads and other “basic” high quality FM sounds.

Using the editing parameters new sounds of various types can be created by the user.



KONTAKT 5 full version 5.8.1 and above is required to run this library


8 GB of ram is recommended.


Total size is 932 MB (1,34 GB before .ncw compression)

622 Wave Samples.

16 Multisampled sounds.

46 Snapshots.

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