Version: Kontakt 5.6.8 / NCW / V1.2

Ambient Soundscape Pads and Atmospheres

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Product Overview

Plethora is a kontakt 5 sample library dedicated to ambient soundscape pads and other atmospheric “out of this world” sounds.

A form of Vector and subtractive synthesis is implemented, combining 4 sound sources at a time.

Plenty of modification controls are provided, in the likes of Multimode filters, LFO, envelopes, table modulators and xy pad.

A respectable effect section of the most common fx, as well as high quality synthetic convolution reverb is included, to give an extra depth and character to the sound.

We have carefully selected and used a variety of synthesized sounds taken by our sample library collection over the years.

We also added new samples of field recordings, metallic material, percussive instruments and some other objects.

We combined all of them and they ‘ve been used as basic elements to reprogram new sounds on hardware sampler/synthesizer. We sampled them at 48KHz 24-bit resolution and after post editing and looping process, they have imported into kontakt 5 powerful engine for further modification.

We have included choir voices, airy, mysterious, strange, metallic, bottle – like, noizy, rainy, digital atmospheric or sweeping pads, as well as some parts of these sounds as “elements” to help you create new atmospheric and expressive sounds. In no way your imagination can be limited or compromised and along with the large number of modification controls, there is always a potential of new evolving, rhythmic, unpredictable soundscapes at your arsenal.

Now it’s up to you to explore, tweak, synthesize and discover the sound of PLETHORA…

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V1.1 Release Notes

  • Now V1.0 Presets are included as “User Snapshots” and are divided in subfolder categories.
  • 32 Brand New Presets.

V1.2 Release Notes

  • Fixed – In Kontakt 6.3.1 When Loading The Library Would Make Kontakt Crash.
  • Fixed – V1.1 Snapshot Name Mistyping “21 Last Days Vox”.
  • New “icon” Image.
  • 16 New Snapshots.


  • Total size is 1,78 GB (2,23 GB before .ncw compression)
  • 530 Wave Samples. 48Khz 24-bit
  • 50 Multisamples
  • 180 Presets
  • NOTE: The Full version of kontakt 5.6.8 or above is required. Not for Kontakt Player


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